About Me

Hi, my name’s Dave Krupski, and I’m a lifelong athlete (I played baseball at Yale in the mid-to-late 90’s), and I’ve been an endurance runner since my first marathon in 2003.  After racing about 30 marathons between 2003-2010, I ran my first ultra in December 2010 (North Face 50 in SF).


Since then, I’ve run over 30 ultras, including 14 races of 100 miles or longer, such as the 2014 Spartathlon in Greece (152.4 miles), the 2014 Ultra-Milano Sanremo in Italy (175 miles), and the 2013 Badwater Ultramarathon (135 miles in Death Valley, CA, during the middle of July).

Finish at foot

It’s safe to say that running is much more than a “hobby” for me; it’s a lifestyle.  Today, I share my passion for running through my coaching program, Zwitty Endurance Training Program.  (The name “Zwitty” is simply a combination of the names of my two kids, Zoey (2.5 years old), and Witt (who is almost 1 year old).  Along with my wife Alex, we believe in living as healthy and active of a lifestyle as possible.


To learn more about my coaching program, visit www.davekrupski.com.  Thanks, and see you “out there” 🙂


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